Shawnee is an artist with a rebel soul; a voice that carries her story and her words of a Warrior heart. They have named her ‘Artist to Watch For’ and ‘Best Female Vocalist/Performer’

Shawnee was drawn to music as early as being a toddler and when life threw struggle at her and her family Shawnee turned to music playing on her dad’s guitar recording her first songs. She now tributes music as the strength and comfort that helped raised her from a young person to today.

A long way from her first job singing at local events as a Shania Twain impersonator and earning money playing in a rock cover band. After moving to Toronto, Ontario to pursue a music career Shawnee became known for her powerful voice and toured Canada with Roxette singing as a background vocalist for Glass Tiger and performing with Tegan and Sara.

Shawnee wrote and released her single ‘Mirror Me’ written about the struggles with self-identity. The track hit number one on NAMC and was supported by Much Music. Shawnee began performing across Canada and USA where she shared the stage with Lady GaGa in NYC. MTV named Shawnee one their ‘Top Gender Bending Artists’ as a Two Spirit person in music and she became known for her outspoken advocacy for the aboriginal and LGBTT community.

Her voice and music has made appearances on top television shows from CTV, Disney TV (The Next Step), APTN’s (Mohawk Girls) and the series (Starting From Now).

Native Trail Blazers recently named Shawnee as a ‘Fan Favourite’ and she was added to their list of ‘Two Spirit People You Should Know’

Exclaim Magazine describes Shawnee as ‘a undeniable talent with unique charm’