Thane Robyn

Wed, Feb 6

7:00 PM

Speakers Series

Thane Robyn is an artist, organizer, community builder, and facilitator hailing from South Africa (the best country in the world), who currently resides on Algonquin territory. Some of his favourite projects have included: creating a filmmaking series for lgbtq+ youth, working with Spectrum: Waterloo Region’s Rainbow Community Space, and currently sitting on the board at Kind Space. Thane is as passionate about dismantling white cisheteropatriarchy as he is about fermenting food, hanging out with his dog and family, wearing plaid, and sleeping in a hammock. Thane is a trans powerhouse and community worker who is ready to help you be a better trans ally as long as you’re ready to do the work.

Contact him at Robyn Media (@r.bynmedia)