As Ms./Mr./Mx. Ottawa Capital Pride I will be expected to meet certain benchmarks and obligations during my year as an Ottawa Capital Pride ambassador.

In order to assist in this, the following mandate will help to ensure that all of the titleholder obligations are met. Over my year I will:

  • Host the official Pride Pageant after party at the Lookout Bar following the Pageant.
  • Make at least three (3) community appearances in support of various Ottawa LGBTTQ+ organizations.
  • Attend Operations Committee meetings when requested.
  • Assist with the planning for the Pageant the following year as a promoter and prepare a step down number.
  • Attend the 2018 Ottawa Capital Pride Flag Raising Ceremony at City Hall.

In addition to the above mentioned benchmarks, I agree to hold the title of Ms./Mr./Mx. Ottawa Capital Pride, the Capital Pride Organization, and all partners in the highest esteem. While representing the title, Ottawa Capital Pride Pageant titleholders must agree to the following while representing their title:

  • Titleholders will present themselves professionally at all times while representing the title and while wearing the Ottawa Capital Pride Sashes and Crowns (both onstage and off-stage).
  • Titleholders may be requested to attend and/or participate in a variety of community events and to make regular appearances in support of Ottawa Capital Pride and other Community Organizations.
  • Titleholders shall appear in their crown and sash while representing Ottawa Capital Pride.
  • Titleholders may not compete consecutive years and must wait until someone else has held the title for a full year to be eligible to enter again.

In the event that the Titleholder is unable to complete their reign or in the event of a breach in the contract, the titleholder shall forfeit their prizes, crown and sash.

The First Alternates shall be available for the first 3 months of the newly appointed Titleholder reign to take over should the winner be unable to fulfill their duties. The First Alternate will only be able to refuse the title after the 3 month period has passed.